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Day of Akashic and Animal Communication Readings

Akashic readings and Animal Communication sessions.

Sessions are 30 min for $65 or 60 min for $130.

The energy field that is known as the Akasha holds the accumulated experiential knowledge of all the past lives of every Soul. The Akashic Records has been likened to a Hall of Records. We are permitted access for the purpose of gaining understanding and insight into the circumstances of our current life. We get this information by being able to view the details of our Soul’s journey from its inception through its many lifetimes into the present lifetime.

Within the realm of the Akashic Records, each Soul has Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones that are here to support us in our journey to reach our highest potential.

In the Akashic Reading we will consult your Soul’s Records and be able to receive wisdom from your very own Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Questions can be asked in any important area of one’s life for advice and a deeper understanding of that issue. It is also possible to ask about past lives in order to shed light on the path that has brought us to the current one.

In an Animal Communication Session, we can connect to your current pet and/or your pet that is in spirit. We can work on different challenges you are having with your pet to get more information to help them. Whether it is a behavioral/emotional issue: pet conflict, peeing outside the litter box, separation anxiety, if you have a missing pet, to find out more about a current health issue or an end-of-life situation, or if you'd just like to re-connect with a beloved pet who is in spirit, I can help you.

Contact Debra Sheafe at 845-542-0110 to book an Akashic reading or Animal Communication session.